Fortress adaptively reused as boutique hotel

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I would love to stay at the Cap Rocat boutique hotel on the island of Mallorca (off of Spain). A former 19th century military fortress, it has been renovated in such a way as to preserve the original essence of the fortress while providing modern guest rooms and amenities. In addition to the adaptive reuse of the original fort structure, the hotel utilizes other eco-friendly methods to reduce its impact on the environment; according to, “food for the two restaurants is sourced from local and organic farms and recycling has been set at a high priority. The natural swimming pool is a refreshing salt water pool, eliminating the need for unhealthy chlorine to keep the water clean. Moreover, theĀ landscaping and vegetation for the fort was carefully planned to be regionally appropriate with little to no watering necessary.”

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It is a good example of protecting architecture of the past from ruins by transforming it into a functional modern building. And at 438+ Euros a night, it must be a spectacular place!

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