DIY chair seat

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While most reupholstery projects are better left to professionals, recovering a seat cushion is often a quick and easy task, and introducing new fabric is a quick way to update and enliven a space. Because it’s such an easy project, choosing a pattern doesn’t need to be such a permanent commitment like it is with sofa and lounge chairs.

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Chair cushions cover such a small area, and they are a great place to utilize patterns because they will not be overwhelming on a small scale. And because each chair only requires 1/2 to 3/4 of a yard of fabric, it can be an inexpensive project if you find an affordable fabric – think fabric store sales and remnant pieces.

Check out these websites for illustrated instructions and tips for DIY chair seat reupholstery: “How to Recover a Dining Chair “DIY Project: How to Recover a Seat Cushion” “How to Reupholster a Seat Pad”

Photo / Ashley Goforth Designs

Another option, for a more loose, casual look, is to create chair seat slipcovers. Of course, this requires a little bit of sewing know-how or a friend who is generous with her time. But slipcovers are easy to change and are even less of a commitment than stapling on a new fabric cover. They could even be used seasonally as the spirit moves you (or just to protect your nice fabric from messy guests and pets!).

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