Granite is ubiquitous

An article in today’s Washington Post talks about an interesting reality: granite has become the standard for countertop material. It describes that homeowners connect with granite on an emotional level, which I truly believe. It has become a status symbol within a home. Homeowners often select the specific piece(s) of granite that are installed in their homes, giving them an even greater bond with the material.

While it has it’s drawbacks (it is possible to crack and chip granite, to stain it with oils and liquids, and to pit it with acids), it is still extremely durable and scrubbable. It complements all styles of decor, from contemporary to traditional, and it has a wide range of price points, from $30/ft and up. It is not surprising that it has become such a popular product because it is darn gorgeous and instantly elevates a kitchen’s attractiveness.

But the question that the article implies (will granite become obsolete and out of style?) is interesting. As a product it has become more and more affordable with time. Extraction and installation methods have become more streamlined and thus, less expensive. But eventually the supply will become more limited, and the product would become more expensive. Perhaps then the alternative slab materials of quartzite and resin materials will begin to gain more steam. There are many man-made products, like Silestone and Zodiaq, that have ideal qualities but aren’t currently as appealing to homeowners. The glitter and gleam of granite and marble are more appealing from an aesthetic viewpoint. But then again, as Formica and other laminates were all the rage for a long time, granite is bound to go out of style at some point. So it is really a question of when and what will replace it?

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