Psychology of Design

I’ve always been fascinated by the connection between interior design and psychology. It is possible to shape a user’s mood and experience through color, lighting and layout, among other elements. I really enjoyed reading this article that is in support of the link between interior design and psychology: .

As an example, think about how a restaurant or bar might use interior design elements to shape your experience there. Did you know that red and orange enhance your appetite? They also happen to be popular colors within restaurant design. Not a coincidence. Are the chairs uncomfortable? The restaurants probably knows because they may hope that your sore bum will help turn the table faster. The lighting is used to achieve a feeling, whether it is low and dim lighting to encourage an elegant, relaxed environment or highly contrasted lighting to encourage a lively, energetic environment.

Architects and designer’s attempt to not only provide an attractive, function interior environment, they also shape the interior to encourage desired actions and feelings.

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