A Fun and Fresh Redesign

Rendering by Caroline McCandlish

I am proud to have contributed to the House Calls column of today’s Washington Post. A young professional was ready to graduate to a more cohesive living space, and I was excited to help her do it with my design. Many thanks to Megan Buerger at The Post for allowing me to contribute!

Because the reader could not paint the walls of her apartment, I wanted the furnishings to have a bright pop to detract from the plain backdrop. I selected the area rug first as the basis for the rest of the design because it had the fun, punchy colors that I was looking to incorporate. I added neutral upholstery into the mix next because it will allow the accent colors to pop, and it will be versatile as the home owner moves or changes color palettes.

I picked the draperies next – they pull out the beautiful rose color from the area rug. I love that it is a feminine color, and yet it is not a super sweet pink. Then I found the accent pillows that I think perfectly pull out the rose and persimmon from the rug and add a great graphic element to keep it young and fresh. While the article lists that they are no longer available, they are still listed on Room Service’s site. Here are the three pillows that I included in the design.

I used a mix of styles and finish materials to make sure that the space looks collected and not as if it was purchased in one fell swoop. The natural wood of the coffee table and floor lamp contrast against the painted side table and the rusted iron shelving system. It has an eclectic, warm feeling.

I wanted to be able to provide lighting at the sofa and chair but because of the location of the closet and the hallway, I could not put the standard table lamp or floor lamp in those places. So instead I thought of installing wall sconces above the sofa, and I liked the idea of using a swing arm lamp that could function as both a reading light and a picture light.

The artwork was actually the finishing touch that I found at the end. Once I decided on the sconce, I found some colorful artwork that showcased the accent colors of the space and added in a few others, and the design was complete. Please refer to The Post’s House Calls page for the “before” photos and for information on any of the pieces.



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