Attractive Solar Roofing

Standing seam metal system with thin-film solar panels. Photo / Emily Udell for

Solar panels are a great way to harvest the energy of the sun to lower energy bills and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

See this example highlighted by Angie’s List – it shows the possibilities for integrating solar with a metal roof in a way that the average passerby doesn’t notice. The thin-film panels are much less noticeable than the original, bulky panels that initially come to mind when thinking of solar panels. While the initial cost for a new roof with solar panels is significant, tax rebates, the reduction in traditional energy use, and the ability to sell energy back to the grid provide a return on investment in the long-term.

The Angie’s List article also highlights the green benefits of a metal roof over an asphalt roof – the metal can be recycled, and it generally lasts longer than asphalt.

In addition to thin-film solar panels, there are also solar shingles that are installed similarly to traditional shingles, and they blend in with the staggered format of the rest of the roof.

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