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The “Granny Pod”

The Washington Post recently published an article,¬†Pioneering the granny pod: Fairfax County family adapts to high-tech dwelling that could change elder care, about a new way that is being explored to help older relatives age in place (see the Video). … Continue reading


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What comes after Stainless Steel?

People have been speculating for years that stainless steel would be ousted from its position as the top kitchen appliance finish. And for years it has remained number one. While something is bound to replace it (eventually), it just hasn’t … Continue reading

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Is your kitchen making you fat?

That is the title of an article out of the UK that asserts that the design of today’s kitchen is contributing to our expanding waistlines. Given that the kitchen has quickly become the epicenter of the home, perhaps all of … Continue reading

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Stocking up on bulbs discusses the “bulb backlash” that I wrote about in a previous post. Homeowners are unhappy that incandescent bulbs are being phased out, and some people are stockpiling them!

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Fewer tubs in hotel baths

In reference to my previous post discussing how fewer home owners want jacuzzi tubs in their bathrooms, hotels now want fewer bathtubs in their guest baths too. It’s a trend that is happening across the spectrum of hotel brands and … Continue reading

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Lights out for Edison’s bulb

You may have heard that Congress passed legislation in 2007 to slowly phase out incandescent bulbs and replace them with fluorescent bulbs. In fact, incandescent lamp production in the US is almost none existent (see Washington Post 9/8/10 article on … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Living Room

The Cleavers would be upset: the National Association of Home Builders purports that living rooms will become obsolete by 2015. The NAHB believes that “the living room will either vanish or merge with other spaces in the home.” While it’s … Continue reading

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It is curtains for the whirlpool tub?

In real estate the whirlpool tub has long been a symbol of luxury. It is often listed as a key selling point for a master suite, encouraging potential buyers to envision themselves relaxing in a nice hot bubble bath in … Continue reading

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Kitchen & Bath Trends of 2010

The National Kitchen & Bath Association released their findings of the trends for 2010’s kitchens and baths. For the full write up, go to Kitchen & Bath Business’ website. Here is the list of the most popular trends: Kitchen: 1. … Continue reading

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