It is curtains for the whirlpool tub?


In real estate the whirlpool tub has long been a symbol of luxury. It is often listed as a key selling point for a master suite, encouraging potential buyers to envision themselves relaxing in a nice hot bubble bath in their new home.  Whirlpools are staged with candles and potpourri and fluffy towels.

But today’s homebuyers appear to have different needs. Many are now taking out large tubs and expanding their showers or installing additional sinks or storage.

According to the Charlotte Observer‘s article “Goodbye whirlpool tub; hello luxury shower,” most whirlpool tubs are only used seven times…ever! And with the average tub taking up roughly 15 sq.ft., that is a lot of space to waste. Larger whirlpool tubs, with their tile surrounds and steps, are often inhabit the square footage of walk-in closets.

Photo / Pottery Barn

At my last house I remember using the whirlpool a whopping two times. Whirlpool tubs are difficult to clean, and I don’t think most people’s schedules afford them much time for baths nowadays. Today’s luxury bath experience is not a long, hot soak, but instead a steamy, invigorating shower.

If given the choice between a bathroom with a whirlpool tub and a simple shower and a bathroom with a walk-in shower with tons of bells and whistles, I would choose the luxury shower any day.

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2 Responses to It is curtains for the whirlpool tub?

  1. cherilyn mccall says:

    Great article Caroline! and so true. Every morning I take a shower and stare down our whirlpool tub envisioning what I can do with that space!

  2. Janice says:

    We built our house 4 1/2 years ago and we are getting rid of ours.
    We never use it and I have to clean dust (yup, dust) out of it.

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