Pretty in Pink

Pink lovers, rejoice! Pantone has named their color of the year for 2011: it is “honeysuckle,” a vibrant pink that they deem to be “Courageous. Confident.” Pink is a color that seems to flow in and out of popularity with its variations of intensity and hue.

Photo/Garnet Hill

Popular pinks of late have been the intense variety: fuchsia and magenta. They have found their way into the most posh hotels, nightclubs, and luxury homes. The bubblegum and pastel pink colored clothing patterns of Lily Pulitzer have found their way into young girls’ bedrooms and even into grown up living rooms and bedrooms. My post on “Mom Caves,” for instance, featured a Mom’s pink sitting room.

Photo/Darren Higgins for The New York Times

Pink bathrooms of the 1930s have long been seen as eye sores. Owners removed existing pink sinks and toilets at their first opportunity to renovated. Now, apparently some homeowners are choosing to install pink ceramic tiles and even, gasp, pink toilets into renovations or new construction. The New York Times published an article called Bathrooms – Pretty in Pink, Again which discusses that as the midcentury style is becoming in vogue again, pink bathrooms are seen as palatable, if not desirable. I don’t think that anyone should go out and buy a vintage pink toilet (and I REALLY don’t think anyone should decorate with pink poodles!). I also don’t foresee the Kohlers and American Standards of the world rolling out pink as one of their new finishes. But a little bit of pink can be really attractive.

Photo/Stephanie Diani for The New York Times

A pale pink paint on the walls, for instance, is a very inexpensive way to incorporate pink into a modern bathroom with modern white fixtures. Interior Designer Brooke Giannetti’s bathroom is beautiful; it uses a warm blush pink on the walls and accents it with a rose ottoman and pink flowers.

If a person wants to use fuchsia or magenta, I would suggest adding the color in small amounts on items that aren’t permanent. Pops of color can be brought into a room in pillows, draperies, art, area rugs, slip covers etc. And when the fashion wanes or the homeowner grows tired of the color, it is easy to switch out.

Photo -

The pinks that are less intense, such as carnation and salmon, tend to be more timeless (and easier on the eyes). A wall painted in these colors will stand the test of time longer than the vibrant, saturated pinks.

Pink is personal. You probably either love it or hate it, but it seems like it is back in style, at least for a while. Personally, this bedroom makes me want to paint something pink!

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