The modern dressing room

'04 NY One Central Park Showhouse (Photo Credit: Scott Frances)

While most people struggle to fit their clothes into tiny master bedroom closets and husbands are often relegated to the guest room or hall closet, some homeowners have entire rooms, not just closets, dedicated to their wardrobes. A room entirely devoted to holding, and even displaying, clothing and accessories is unfathomable to most of us. But check out these luxurious examples. We can all dream, right?

Architectural Digest, Dressing Rooms, December 2010

C.C. Sabathia's dressing room (Photo Credit: Durston Saylor)

Check out this example: in addition to display cabinets dedicated to a sneaker “collection,” C.C. Sabathia (NY Yankees) has a dressing room that is so large that it has a sofa and kitchenette… just in case trying on all those sneakers made you want a snack.

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