What I saw at Fall Market

“Market” in Highpoint, NC, is held twice a year for vendors to debut their new products and to reconnect with designers and retailers. It consists of 2000+ vendors hawking their wares. In the two plus days that I was there, I pounded a lot of pavement and here are a few trends that I saw.


Ryan Studios Bedding

As often happens in periods of economic decline, colors have tended towards neutral over the last few years, and this will continue for a while.

This trend is echoed in the next two trends.


Many vendors were displaying furniture pieces that had a vintage feel as if they had been in the back of an antique shop collecting dust. This trend will smack you in the face if you walk into a Restoration Hardware store – everything has the washed-out look of unfinished wood. This style is interesting if it is used in a limited amount. But when an entire room has this look, I feel that it is somewhat sterile and lifeless.


Sam Moore

Natural fiber rugs continue to be in fashion, and fabrics with a “natural” appearance abounded. Linen and unbleached cotton were popular, and several vendors had pillows that looked like old feed sacks. Wicker and rattan continue to be accents on living room furniture in addition to porch furniture.


Global Views

To enliven the otherwise neutral palettes, many vignettes utilized accent colors to bring some life into the mix. Orange, fuschia, mustard yellow, and vibrant greens were popular.

These should give you an insight to some of the trends you will see in furniture stores and catalogs in the near future.

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